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We offer a number of services at CrossFit Reign designed to help you achieve your fitness goals, however our foundation is our daily group classes. These small group classes put you through everything CrossFit has to offer. They are fun, challenging, intense, and never the same. The workouts of the day (WOD's) are different each day so you will never get bored at CrossFit Reign!

When you come through the doors, we will take the time to consult with you to find out your fitness needs and goals, and develop a plan of action to get you started right away. All of our new clients will be put through a baseline workout to assess their capabilities and current fitness level. From the baseline, we will determine the best course of action and implementation into our regular CrossFit classes. We work daily with ALL clients on proper movement and lifting techniques to ensure your safety, and hold each member accountable to the standards that CrossFit employs for each one of its exercises.


CrossFit WOD 1 visit freeFrom $10 per visit with 10 Session Punch Card pass